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José Alberto:

The weather's cold and the evenings are dark. There's not much you can do to avoid the winter gloom, unless you jet off to sunnier climes.


Winters are usually mild, warm and dry, with temperatures ranging from 14-23°C on the Costas. Occasionally there will be severe weather, with gales and heavy rain, as there were in early November 2001.


The Algarve and the island of Madeira are popular Portuguese destinations all year round. Temperatures in the Algarve region range from 15-19°C. Madeira has much wetter winters, with temperatures of 18-22°C.

Antonio Martínez:

The Mediterranean coast enjoys six hours of sunshine per day with temperatures ranging from 10-15°C.


Auckland, New Zeeland. In Auckland the climate is almost subtropical with very mild winters and warm, rather humid summers. Daily maximum temperatures range from 13 grades centigrade in July to 23 grades centigrade in January/February. The wettest months are May to August.

Antonio López:

Temperatures in Florida stay within the 18-26°C range, with six hours of sunshine. This area is prone to very changeable weather, but by November, the hurricanes are petering out.


In Thailand, temperatures stay at 30-34°C all year round. Equatorial Malaysia has hot and wet weather all year round, with temperatures in the 30s°C.

The Indonesian islands, like Bali, have a similar climate to Malaysia. It stays hot and humid all year round, with temperatures averaging out at 29-31°C.

Antonio Vargas:

Cyprus. Temperatures range from 16-23°C, and although winters are usually mild and sunny, the island can experience its heaviest rainfalls at this time.


Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza enjoy six hours of sunshine in the winter and temperatures of 14-18°C. Occasionally the Mistral wind brings severe weather to their shores.

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